13 January, Basel (Ch) - [only online streaming]
Solo concert, Offenekirche Eisabethen, 12 p.m.
Music by J. S. Bach, H. Villa-lobos, F. Carulli

3 Februar, Berlin (De)
Recording Session - Music by D. Rothman

7 February, Radio Svizzera Italiana
"Habergeiss" from Set7 (Kairos Label) broadcasted during the program Juke-box 900  on RSI - Rete Due

16 February, Berlin (De) - [only online streaming]
Berlin Philarmonie. 8 p.m.

With Karajan Academy Ensemble. Conductor: Marie Jacquot. Live streaming: here.

Music by H. Eisler

25 February, Neuchâtel (Ch) - [cancelled due to COVID-19]

With Nec Ensemble​

25 March, Leipzig (De) - [cancelled due to COVID-19]

With Contemporary Insight Ensemble

26 March, [online roundtable]

21st Century Guitar Conference, roundtable on Electric Guitar, 2.30 pm
Link streaming---> click here

26 March, Munich (De)  [only streaming concert]

Guitar Duo Pereyra-Santorsa, 8 p.m. ---> link streaming

Music by H. Lachenmann, R. Riehm, K. Essl, M. Roth, H. Lillmeyer

18 Janaury - 18 April, Darmstadt (De)

Video Recording "About" by F. Donatoni

23 April, Munich (De) - [only radio broadcast on 4 May]
Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, conductor: Johannes Kalitzke
Music by C. Iannotta

8 May, Bern (Ch)
Shifter Ensemble, IGNM Bern, Prozess Bern - 8 p.m.
Music by F. Di Salvo

22 May, Dresden (De)
Ensembles der HfM Dresden, Hochschule für Musik Dresden, 6.30 p.m.
Music by H. Lachenmann

1 Juni, Bolzano (It)
With Orchestra Haydn Bolzano, Auditorium - 8 p.m.  

conductor:Timothy Redmond - Live radio broadcast: Rai Radio 3 Suite
Music by O. Neuwirth

6 Juni, Munich (De)
aDevantgarde Festival - 8 p.m

Black Box Music - Gasteig Munich with S. Myrus and A. Theis.
Music by G. Kampe, F. Schwenk

7 Juni, Munich (De)

aDevantgarde Festival - 8 p.m

Black Box Music - Gasteig Munich with S. Myrus and A. Theis.
Music by G. Kampe, F. Schwenk

1 July, Milan (It)
The Black Page Ensemble - Fabbrica del Vapore - 8 p.m.
Music by M. Kranebitter, A. Kaiser, A. Strootman, P. Ablinger

29 July, Bern (Ch)

Recording session with Shifter Ensemble

10 August, Darmstadt (De)
Ufa Sextet - Orangerie 7 p.m / 9 p.m.
Darmstadt Ferienkurse - Music by E. Rykova

24 and 26 August, Cernier (Ch)

Nec Ensemble - Grange aux Concerts, 8 p.m. (24th) 7 p.m. (26th)

Festival Les Jardins Musicaux - Music by P. M. Davies


3 September, Hannover (De)

Musica Assoluta Ensemble - Christuskirche 7 p.m.

Music by P. Y. Wang

3 September, Hannover (De)

Solo impro - (Christuskirche (Hanover) 9 p.m.

11 September, Utrecht (Nl)

Black Page Ensemble - Tivolivredenburg utrecht 8 p.m.
Gaudeamus Fesival - Music by A. Baticci, A. Strootman

12 September, Utrecht (Nl)

Black Page Ensemble - Tivolivredenburg utrecht 8.30 p.m.

Gaudeamus Fesival - Music by M. Kranebitter, I. Viloria, M. Ivicevic, O. Torvund

16 September, Zurich (Ch)

Collegium Novum ZürichRecording session, conductor: H. Holliger

25 September, Berlin (De)

Solo and Chamber Music - Musikstudio Ohrpeho
Music by L. F. Amaya, A. Staffel, R. Saunders

the following dates are subjected to changes

18 October, Graz (At)
Black Page Ensemble - more info TBA
Music by B. Muntendorf

22 October, Basel (Ch)

more info TBA

26 October, Munchen (De)
Duo Santorsa-Pereyra - more info TBA

30 October, Berlin (De)

Ensemble Mosaik - more info TBA

6 November, Groningen (Nl)

more info TBA

November, Luzern (Ch)

more info TBA

November, Basel (Ch)

See 22 October September

December, Geneve (Ch)

more info TBA

December, Lausanne (Ch)

more info TBA

December, Bern (Ch)

more info TBA