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Solo Guitar
WP = World premiere – D =Dedicated to Ruben Mattia Santorsa

Azzan, Maurizio (*1987)

Geometrie nelle mani (For amplified classical guitar) WP/D

Bussotti, Sylvano (*1931)

Ultima Rara (classic guitar and voice – one performer)

Brenet, Thérèse (*1935)

Torsades (classical guitar)
Volutades (classical guitar)

Berio, Luciano (1925-2003)

Brin (classical guitar)
Sequenza XI (classical guitar)

Carter, Elliott (1908-2021)

Shard (classical guitar)
Changes (classical guitar)

Czernowin, Chaya (*1957)

Obscure vegetation (electric guitar) WP

Dossena, Pietro (*1979)

Haunted (classical amplified and prepared guitar) WP/D

De Cia, Rocco (*1982)

Hauptweg (classical guitar) WP/D

Donatoni, Franco (1927-2000)

Algo (classical guitar)

Ferneyhough, Brian (*1943)

Kurze Schatten II (classical guitar)

Fonseca, Yesid (*1988)

À une passante (classical guitar) WP

Foresi, Michele (*1988)

Macchina per cinguettare (classical guitar) WP/D

Harlafti, Niki (*1987)

Question (classical guitar) WP/D

Henze, Hans Werner (1926-2012)

Drei Tentos (classical guitar)

Ianni, Davide (*1975)

[NI] (electric guitar) WP

Kelterborn, Rudolf (*1931)

5 Monologues (classical guitar)

Kurtág, György (*1926)

Calmo, dolcissimo, lontano (classical guitar)

Lorusso, Giulia (*1990)

À fleur de peau (electric guitar) WP/D

Manca, Gabriele (*1957)

Convulsive Space (classical guitar)

Manzoni, Giacomo (*1932)

Echi (classical guitar)

Martin, Frank (1890 - 1974)

Quatre Pieces Breves (classical guitar)

Pisati, Maurizio (*1959)

7 studi (classical guitar)
Caprichos de simios y burros  (classical guitar)

Oehring, Helmut (*1961)

Philipp – Version for electric guitar by Helmut Oehring

Peralta, Catalina (*1963)

Cuerdas Falsas (electric guitar)

Radivojevic, Nemanja (*1975)

Courant V (classical guitar) WP/D

Romitelli, Fausto (1963-2004)

Trash TV Trance (electric guitar)

Saunders, Rebecca (*1967)

Study electric guitar) WP

Rothmann, Daniel (*1958)
The long & short of it (classical guitar)

Karlheinz Stockhausen (De)

Spiral for a soloist with a shortwave receiver (electric guitar)

Quindici, Rosalba (*1976)

Preludio (classical guitar with cello's bow) WP

Sánchez-Verdú, José María (*1968)

Cuaderno de Fridenau (classical guitar)
Yad (electric guitar)

Sciarrino, Salvatore (*1947)

Addio a Trachis II – Traduzione M. Pisati (classical guitar)

Younis, Karim (*1994)

Macchie (classical guitar) WP/D

Wolff, Christian (*1934)

Extracts from Micro exercises (electric guitar)

Takemitsu, Tōru (1930-1996)

Equinox (classical guitar)

Troiani, Lorenzo (*1989)

Cratere (electric guitar)

Weissberg, Daniel (*1954)

Schwebende Trübung (classical guitar)

Vassena, Nadir (*1970)

Luoghi sottratti (classical guitar)

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